Top 10 Useful WordPress Hacks

No introductions needed on WordPress amongst blogger and designers. Hundreds of WordPress blogs are now online, and standing out the rest of them is quite the challenge, here are some quick alternatives to your pre-packaged plugins that saves time and with ease.

Create Your Own Popular Post content in the sidebar

First in our list of Top 10 Useful WordPress Hacks. This Useful Hack allows you to highlight your most popular post and pin it in the sidebar based on the number of comments and start enticing new visitors to your website.

Get the first Image from the Post and display it

Most if not all WordPress users tend to use custom fields to display thumbs on their homepage. But did you know, with just a simple but amazing hack, you can grab the first image of the post and display it just like giving a quick overview of your post.

Display Related Posts without using Plugins

Showing related posts is one way to make your visitors stay for a while, there’s a plugin for this, but with this very useful hack, you can now display the related post just as good as with the plug in.

Automatically insert content after each post

Most site displays some text after each post, like asking their reader to subscribe to their rss feed. This text are frequently hardcoded, why not try something like this dynamic hackwith functions.php and retain the text every time you switch themes, this way you just saved time and convenience.

Make your new posts stands out

Newer post arouses the curiosity of your visitors and let them stay for quite longer, give your recent post a special style using this useful hack to inform them that it is new. Time range of special style is within 24hours.

Display Author Information For Posts

Give credit to your authors by displaying a bit of information about them, very useful if you have quite a lot. Using this hack on your single.php file will pull the information on the post author’s profile and display some to the readers.

WordPress function to display your posts words count

Using this amazing hack on your functions.php, display the word count on your post. Very useful for your readers if they’re thinking about making it as a reference.

Number your comments

Having tons of comments is quite the feeling that sometimes you want to count them, but of course it is time consuming and inconvenient. Problem solve, just add some code to your comment.php and your comments will now be numbered, save time and enjoy watching those numbers go up.

Get posts published between two particular dates

WordPress loop is very powerful as well as the query_post() function that allows you to set some parameters for the loop to retrieve posts, but there’s no built in function to get posts between specific dates. Now you can with your index.php as fast as counting 1,2,3.

Automatically refuse spam comments on your WordPress blog

Spam is a nuisance, nobody enjoys being spammed especially in conversation or comments. Protect your blog by using this codes and just paste it in your functions.php and be ensured spam free comments.

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