Tips on How to Get the Best Web Hosting Service

Tips on How to Get the Best Web Hosting Service

With the thousands of web hosting options out there, it is perfectly normal to be overwhelmed with your options. The key in making this easier for you is to know exactly what you need, want and can afford. With these three things in mind, you can easily cut down the options out there into half.

We have some of the most important things that you need to consider, before committing to that promo on web hosting. Remember, don’t be swayed with money back guarantees or freebies since all of these things come with fine print.

Dedicated vs. Shared hosting

What sort of web hosting package do you need? Do you need an extremely robust system that you can fully control down to the root? If so, then you may be looking for a dedicated hosting set up. These packages are usually around $200 per month but the hefty price tag comes with a powerful machine and an even more promising connection.

For those who need something cheaper, then the shared hosting service is the right one for you. Usually from $3 to $7 per month, this means that you are sharing a supposedly dedicated server, across hundreds of other customers. If you just need a simple hosting package for your personal site or even a corporate site that has not too much bandwidth requirements, then this is a good starting point for you.

Check the hosting limits

The next thing you need to check are the hosting limits. You can see some items below that you can check with your prospective hosting solutions partner:

  • How many domains are supported with the package? How about sub domains?
  • How many databases are supported?
  • How much monthly traffic is allowed per account?
  • How much storage space will be given?
  • What are the languages supported?
  • Is WordPress supported?

SEO Services and Free Ad Credits

Another growing trend in the hosting world is the addition of SEO services with every hosting package availed. Sometimes, these are given for free while in most others, for an additional fee. What sort of SEO services can you avail of?

  • Creation of backlinks for your site
  • Free SEO tips from articles and forums hosted by the web hosting company
  • Monthly SEO service packages to help continuously improve your search engine ranking.

Another popular trend is the addition of ad credits like from Google Ads or Facebook ads, that are given to some accounts. These are great incentives to take advantage of since they are already given free for certain account subscriptions. The reason why they can get this for free is that the hosting site probably bought the ad spaces in bulk and can easily “give them away” in exchange for a 2-year contract with them as your hosting provider.

If the price is right!

At the core of your decision is if the price is right. An attractive package is a waste of time if you cannot afford to pay for it in the first place. Do not be fooled by the low monthly quotes since it may require you to prepay everything for the first two years of service.

Double check the fine print of the money back guarantee details, if any, so that you know under what grounds you can ask for a refund. You should also be aware of what is really included in the monthly service fee – does this include the 24/7 support team? How about the access to the web site templates and other tools? What happens if you want to upgrade your plan? What happens if you want to discontinue your service?

Make sure that you ask these questions first befor you sign up with any web hosting company.

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