Qualities of a Real Good Web Host

Finding a good web hosting company is not really impossible. You just really have to do some proper research and you have to assess your needs thoroughly. When looking for a real good web host, here are some qualities that you have to consider:

  • A reliable customer service

Customer support is an important key area that must not be taken lightly at all. If you have an inquiry or have a problem regarding your hosting account, they are the ones that could give the answers to your questions.

Many people get enticed with free or cheap hosting services. They do not realize that these cheap hosts do not have a reliable customer support at all. So when something goes wrong, that is the only time that they will realize that choosing a very cheap hosting service without a customer service is not that much of a good idea.

When considering this, it is always important to look upon the offered support options such as live chat, toll-free phone numbers, email support, and the like. It is also important that they provide customer forums.

  • Enough Disk Space

Many web users tend to assume that unlimited disk space is better than limited ones. When it comes to this, it is better to go for hosting providers that could offer you at least 20% space of more than what you need. With this, you can assure that you will have more room for growth. It is also essential to inquire about the costs when you have to upgrade for a better disk space.

  • Enough Bandwidth

Bandwidth is very important to any website owner since this is the amount of data that your page can pass to your clients. There are web hosting plans that offer unlimited bandwidth while there are some that charge different rates depending on how much will be used every month. When you want to sign up for unlimited bandwidth, do not forget to think about the consequences. If you are interested to go for the one that has limited bandwidth options, always determine the result or the charges if ever you exceed the allocated bandwidth.

  • Remarkable Uptime Record

Uptime is actually the amount of time that your website is up and running in the online world. When considering this, you have to go for web hosts that have great uptime track record such as 99.9% or 99.99%. However, the more nines there are, the more expensive it can be.

Another thing to consider is the refund options whenever your site goes down. Most web hosting companies like iPage offer this but go for the ones that have better options for it.

  • Offered Domain Names and Other Rendered Services

Domain names and other services like web analytic tools and content management tools can be used by some web hosting companies to distinguish themselves from others. When looking for a great host, always take in mind that some of the offered things are not useful to your site at all. You should not get enticed with buying tools and services that you do not really need.

  • Affordable Price

Price must not be the sole basis when choosing a hosting provider. It is best to avoid free hosting services since your site will surely be bombarded with ads. You may also experience frequent downtimes as well. Though an expensive price has now become the determining factor whether a host is good or not, it is just better to go for the provider that can provide all your needs for an affordable price.

You should not over pay or under pay for hosting. If you have an online business, a good web hosting service could just range around $8 to $15.

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    gabrielle April 22, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    I definitely think before you sign up you need a consult sure you may have great services but you may not offer what I need I may not even be sure of what I need to launch the site I want. I’ve been trying for a while to find out how to charge registration for my site members and to find a webhosts that provides that service but no avail. You need to tell people what you can and can’t do with your hosting – I’m sure that will increase sales and avoid people deleting their accounts out of frustration. All this said I am still looking for an appropriate host just building up my site before while I’m working on who to switch to

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